Some history of my Genealogy story

In the late 1960's I began to get information from Uncle Tom. He had quite a bit drawn out on some old sheets of paper. The first Murphys of Ontario was pretty well complete. He had a notation that the founder Thomas Murphy was from Aughina, Ireland. It took me a long time to figure out that this was not a town or city in Ireland; but rather a parish just outside Macroom. Macroom is an old town to the northwest of Cork city in County Cork. Of course Aghinagh has been spelled 20 differant ways over the years. I visited the area in 1994, but made no real progress on the murphy tree. It is a very scenic area. I stayed in Kinsale for 3 days and took day trips. Some referances to the old parish can be seen at Look for links to Aghinagh graveyards.

Original Aghinagh ChurchOld Aughina church remains

Only the stone walls remain. While looking for a picture I thought I had.. I came across my first effort along these lines a few years ago: go here

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