Software I’ve Used for Genealogy

I now use: ( TMG,phpGedView, GenView ).   In the past I’ve used: FTM, Brothers Keeper, Apple II+ Basic

TMG The Master Genealogist     I bought this in late 2005.  It is supposed to be the most “professional”, flexible, full functioned program on the market.  It has a lot of citation/reference features.  I thought it was going to have a lot more reporting/charting capability than FTM.  Well, it is better, but maybe not sensationally.  The list reports let you list out just about anything.   The main problem is learning difficulty. It’s a bear.  The
more I use it the better I like it.  Perhaps since I’m not a professional genealogist, I should have stayed with FTM.  But there is much more room for my “growth”.  We’ll see.

FTM  Family Tree Maker     I used this for about 7/8 years; version 3 thru 9 I think.  Good intermediate gene. program.

BK Brother’s Keeper     I still see occasional references to this old package.

The Apple Basic program must have been in the late 70’s.  Main thing was to organize the data and print out basic data.

The above were all used for single PC usage.  phpGedView   is a server of Genealogy Info for online access via the internet.  Its relatively new and free…. and therefore I think has some bugs left…   But I think it’ll do the trick.  An alternative would be to use a commercial package aligned closely with TMG.  Update/maintenance of data could push me to it. Not sure yet.

GenView is a real nifty little package for casual view of a Ged file. A ged file is the standard export file for gene. data.   I particularly like the ability to easily produce (Readonly) executable/searchible copy for use by other family members.



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