How I Use my Genealogy Programs

I make all updates into the PC program TMG. Periodically (I'm going to shoot for 1/quarter), I export the contents to a Ged file which I can then load into phpGedView.


  • Users aren't bothered with update software
  • Users don't interfere with each others updates
  • Better control over content
  • I have the advantage of TMG reports, analysis, and guidance, etc.


  • User can't see his updates right away
  • Other user's view is always a little inaccurate

Of course, I'm always open to suggestions and requests.   If for any reason somebody needed a quicker update, I would accomodate.

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Retired recovering IBMer

One thought on “How I Use my Genealogy Programs”

  1. Thanks for leaving a “begging” note to comment. I found a treasury of great information! Wonderful! 😉

    I hadn’t heard about phpGedView, so I’ll look it up, but have you done anything with Retrospect-GDS? I’m thinking about incorporating that into my new WordPress blog. I haven’t found much help online to do so, but notes that it is difficult.

    You can’t do that with a blog, though. So I’d be interested in knowing what challenges you face in working with genealogy stuff with as opposed to a full blown website or blog.


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