Some Digression

While thinking about todays toys, I thought about some of my childhood pursuits. One I use to enjoy was to make little sailboats out of twigs and paper. They would float them down the driveway and into the street gutter out front of the house after it rained. (I don't remember the water being dirty or muddy… I do recall everything seemed cleaner, nicer, smelled better after it rained. ) So, I got to thinking … I can't retrieve a picture that was never taken at age 6. But it would be nice to (almost) see the location. Well the driveway is there, and the street is obvious, so you only need imagine the gutter. Since I now like to play with the PC, and maps… I managed to "almost" create the background for my old "canals". Check out the location in 20 years…. you'll see the gutter too. I thought this exercise would be a good opportunity for an example of Digress, but I AM NOT IMPRESSED… Oh well, did you like the map stuff??,-78.872008&spn=0.001193,0.003819 is zoomed even larger…

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