Alexander Hamilton by Willard Randall

I finally finished this last week. Gonna try and make comments on my reading. I really enjoyed the book. I thought he had something to do with (personally) financing the Rev. War. He financed it AFTER the war as our first Treasury Secretary. Washington had to listen during the war to him bitch about congress not properly financing war efforts; so George made him fix it! Interesting how much politics General Washington had to contend with during the fighting. Many thought his tentative efforts and few successes would NOT win the day. They wanted to replace him! But he hung on by his eyeteeth… with Hamilton’s help and others..

Jefferson took political advantage of Hamilton’s daliances…. and now this century we find old Thomas had his own involvements.. Nothing new about polical cheapshots!! But they did connive to make sure that Washingtons (VP running mate A.Burr) did not inadvertantly become President because of the way the electoral college working according to the (unAmended) constitution.

My next Biography will be George Clinton… one of Hamilton’s arch enemys.. who lived about a mile from my Poughkeepsie home. I had not realized that NY (led by Gov. Clinton) almost didn’t join the union… Quite the battle here in the Poughkeepsie courthouse before Hamiliton prevailed with positive vote… Clinton’s minions really didn’t like the setup..

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