The Victory of Reason by Rodney Stark

How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success

The book is so good, I gotta write about it before I even finish it!! He makes a convincing case the Dark Ages really were NOT DARK. And also why it was only Europe (and not China or Islam) that made so many advances….; eyeglasses in Italy by 1284!, and a big industry too. And the rest of world had none even when Chris Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

And I’m only on page 44.. 😉

7/24 Edit:  Been busy; but I finally finished it.. And it was worth the read. New ideas; at least to me.  He credits Christianity as a needed prerequisite for Capitalism; and make a case for why any monopoly undermines innovation. This includes Catholicism when it’s the only game in town; thereby explaining the lack of development in South American and the earlier fall of the Spanish empire.  The last paragraphs make a case for why this explains China’s successful turn to it’s form of Capitalism.. and some religious tolerance.

In common with Levitt’s Freakonomics and Tom Friedman’s The World is Flat, the ideas are very broad; and to me, very interesting interpretations of mankind.  All three books were worth reading… ain’t retirement great?!?!

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