Bleeding Navy Blue by Christopher R. Smith

In general, I don’t like science fiction. My preference is for mystery. One exception is “time travel”. I especially like Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose. There was another nice “travel back to Medieval time; and don’t screwup the timeline” book; but BriefSM; I can remember neither author or Title. And now for another tease that has mystery and TT. I haven’t yet finished this book by Chris Smith; but since it too starts out so great, I thought I’d mention it… Bleeding Navy Blue. Time bangs back from the future with the first time tactical use of an impressive new weapon in the Navy Seal’s arsenal…. Sorry; I’ve got to go finish the book…
And I will finish it before my sister goes back to Buffalo this month: she MUST carry back her Grandson’s FIRST copy of his FIRST novel; as she certainly would not entrust it to the USPS.

further update: I was so busy with Jean, Jerry and then Bill & Robin; that I only got to page 120. Jean took the book back to Buffalo, so now I’ve got to order one to see how the story ends… It is a rather interesting yarn.

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