Connecticut visit

Came here Friday, leave today; were hoping Carolyn would have a baby this weekend, but guess we’ll have to wait for August 5th.

Tim had a good animal story. While circling a local wildlife area at 30mph with the passenger window open, he was startled when a passing duck came thru the window and wound up down by the break pedal.  Tim kept control, stopped the car, and opened the passenger door for the grand exit.  Carolyn said the duck must have had much less control…. as Tim was quite busy with paper towel and water when he got back home.

Small world. We went over to Paula’s for hamburgers yesterday in Colchester, Conn.  Last night I was trying to restart reading a book Washington’s Spys. The first chapter is about Nathan Hale.  Turns out he was from Colchester! The author thought he probably didn’t actually say “I regret I’ve but one life to give for my country”; as this was a quote from some play by Cato; which Hale’s friend says Hale read while attend Yale.  Carolyn says there’s a Hale house in Colchester, must look it up next time I’m over there…

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