WordOn Flather

This was made up so I could ask for help on a few questions about operating a Flather lathe. They are in the text next to the pictures… I tried to used the same names which Don England used.

1. How is the HW (Hand Wheel) Coupler used?

2. Knurled Knob 1 is used for ??

3. Knurled Knob 2 is for ??

4. How are the 3 positions of the Lead Screw Engager used?

5. The motor and transmission are obviously addons to the original belt driven Flather. Any body seen such a transmission?

6.  I’ll edit this with the serial number._____. What’s yours?

7.  If I can get some useful comments, I’ll make up a “Flather User Manual” for general availability. Care to help?

8.  Sure would be nice to locate  a Flather user manual. Did one EVER exist?

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