Proposed Help….. for this Blog

I thought I’d try and make a HELP page. Then I thought, I might as well blog it first. Somebody might critique it… It is meant for those new to blogs. Don’t know whether I succeeded. Let me know.

Help Using This Blog

I’m not sure how to fix some quirks .. eg. some stuff is highlighted as though it is a link, but it’s not. I think the best advice is: let the cursor (the little hand/index finger) hover over colored text. If it IS a link, it will react in one of two ways: 1) Turn from black to blue or 2) Removes the underline and shows a comment in a little box. If it is blue, but not a link, it might react with a big I, but nothing happens if you left-click on it. In the case of 1&2, a left click uses that link to take you someplace. For example, under Categories, click on the link Tomside, that will take you to ONLY my blog articles which I tagged as being Tomside (stuff on my side of the family; vs. Liz’s). That’s the way all the Categories work. They help you avoid the stuff you’re not interested in….

Most of the links in the sidebar (the column on the right), work the same. Hover on “On Tap Too” and it should bring a little box that explains:”Recent Photos”. A left mouse click will take you to the Photo Gallery.

Underneath the Title of each Blog entry is a blue text line with links of type 2: For example, “1 comment so far”. Hovering over it will remove the underline; left click will take you to the “1 comment so far”. Click on the blue date……….and you’ll go NOWHERE. Sorry, about that, I only write the content, NOT the programming… 😉

Search: Sorry about that too. I just tried it… and it doesn’t seem to work. More later.

MORE on the SIDEBAR: Recent Comments and Archives are pretty self-explanatory. Meta can safely be ignored. and now FEEDS.

Feeds are one of the newer fads on the internet; and kind of hard to figure out. Most of the other “links” take you some place. Try ’em; can’t hurt… the worst that can happen is you have to hit the green BACK arrow on the top line of your browser. Feeds are a little more involved. A feed from a site is a way of letting you know when something new is put on the site. It can save you from having to visit the site and see if anything changed, and whether it’s of interest to you. What you first do is pick an “aggregateor”. That’s a site that will keep a lookout for changes and make a list of them for you when YOU want to look at them. MyYahoo is what I use. It’s free. There are many more. But, of course, you have to tell the aggregator. What you’re interested in monitoring. That’s where the little orange icons come in. Usually it has RSS inside the orange background. On a WordPress blog, it is orange with some quarter circles inside; look down at the bottom of the righthand sidebar on my Blog. One of them, FULL, is for monitoring posting of any new post to the log. The other is just for comments. So…….. what you do is “copy” the link (RIGHT click on the orange icon), go to your “aggregator” eg. Yahoo’s MyYahoo!, or whatever. On their page, you’ll find a little blue icon (link) “Add Content”. Click on it. You get a sort of form labeled “Find Content”. Press the “Add Content” once more!!!  NOW Paste the link you copied earlier into the white space. Click “Add RSS by URL”. That’s it!! You’re done. Now anytime you go to your “aggregator”, eg. MyYahoo!, you’ see the stuff you asked Yahoo to show you, AND any NEW stuff from your RSS feeds; be they my blog; or whatever. As RSS grows up, I’m sure it will get much more friendly. But for now, that’s what it takes…

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