More Rambling

Trying to improve the blog looks, tain’t easy.

Testing with green on green.. 🙂 Trying to enlarge the font here; I think it’s hard to read. Not easy in Worpress.Com. Think I have to try a fresh post and figure out how to “turn off the Visual Rich Editor.. !!

Well I got green on blue………

I changed the Links a little. Hover your mouse over them to see (hopefully helpful) comments. And for all you folks who visited us at Schroon Lake, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new Adirondack Stuff link. Over to the right, and down… And take a look at his LONG list of Adirondack Links/Sites/Blogs… or whatever they are.

Some stats from my Genealogy data base:
(they were lined up when I left them….will work on them another day 😉 )

Statistical Report

Total People: 1081 POP AVG DEV MIN MAX MIN MAX
Age at first marriage 176 25.7 5.8 11 474 38 566
Age at first child 217 28.5 6.2 14 536 69 35
Age at last child 217 35.0 7.6 16 574 80 416
Age at Death 173 68.4 21.1 0 101 8 1003

Age at first marriage 84 26.6 5.1 13 39 227 1081
Age at first child 109 29.8 6.2 18 53 441 35
Age at last child 109 36.7 8.3 19 57 479 416
Age at Death 95 66.3 22.6 0 101 8 1003

I hope you’ve figured out by now that this is sort of a “test it all” post…

Got a new idea to keep me up… on posting Book entries: I first blog WHAT I’m reading. Then regular entry when I finish it..
Now on America, the Last Best Hope, by William J. Bennett. A nice sized History so far.

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