This has been an exciting Genealogy week for me… The addverts finally hooked me on taking an trial run; and the rest is (my) history! The first discovery was how easy it was find (new and old) family census images. The 1930 US census was recently made available; and I saw the entry for the 4 Murphys on Stillwell Ave. in Kenmore. RJM, Catherine, James and Jean. It’s also easy to find their ancestors in 1851 Scotland; just 3 years before RJM’s grandfather, Mungo Muir, left for the U.S.

Another discovery turned from disaster to wonderful new information.. and I found a relative in Ottawa Canada I never knew I had.. The Ibbotsons I’ve had on the net for a couple years was based on finding a William/Sara Ibbotson that fit the birthdates of WHI. I found a fitting pair a few years ago; albeit there was no sister, Martha who never came over. I thought I’d try and find other Ibbotsons who stayed behind. When I looked at the 1891 census on ancestry; disaster: my William was still there!! And I knew he was in either Buffalo or Colorado. So, I began looking harder.

At one point, I limited the search to the Family Trees that had been uploaded. I stumbled on one mentioning WHI and his 1st wife: Louise Girardin. I only knew the name Gerarden which was spelled wrong. The contributor had their marraige and generations going back to France and Switzerland!! Boy, was I excited. One problem was ferreting out the maker. By looking in the forums for someone talking about other Girardin family members, I chased down Bob Covert. His wife is a Girardin. It is likely to be a few weeks before I get the data all integrated; but here’s a snapshot:

Joseph Girardin b1822 France
+Maria Anna Breton b1832 Switzerland
Louise Girardin b1860 in Cheektowaga

Peter Breton b1804
+ Maria Anna Pretre b1805
Maria Anna Breton b1832 Switzerland

Similarly, I found a Tree put up by Elaine Pikard with a Sara and William that fits much better than the prior information I had. And it even had a sister: Martha. After trading a few emails with Elaine, I concluded, this was a definite match. And the story behind the story kinda fits too. Mom had told me that WHI left Sheffield when his father remarried. It turns out that, his mother Harriet, had her first three children (Martha, William & Sarah) out of wedlock!! She married William Flowers when WHI was 10. The married couple had Ada Flowers in 1880. WHI left for Buffalo c1884.

Check the site of my 2nd Cousin Twice removed (Elaine in Ottawa) to learn about the Sheffield of old.

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