Two weeks in Schroon Lake

I’m 5 days into my 2nd week… of giving Liz a brief vacation… and she’s off to backfill Carolyn in East Hampton who is off to California to backfill for Liz who has been helping over at Newburgh… who is recovering…

While up here, I’ve spent too much time on the internet and reading…. but I’ve enjoyed it.. And kept the Franklin full to help out our geothermal funrnace; which has a hard time during these cold snaps: Rarely above 10; one day it didn’t make it above 0! Supposed to be warming up since yesterday (for Chris’ family Gore skitrip this w.e.). It is now 24 at 10:26am.

Some internet time spent on figuring out Context Free programming… always thought there must be something out there that intersects my interest in art, math & programming: Interesting. Also spent time on R ;more later on that and other items mentioned in this post.

Meantime, must mention my Reading: Finished David McCullough’s 1776. SO Many gave so much to found this country…. I think they’d be disappointed in the State of this Union today…. And an interesting novel by a Spanish author (Zanfor?) who splits his residence between Barcelona and L.A. Title to come.. ;). I brought home Leon Uris’s Trinity (copyright 1976) to brush up on my Irish history… Found out I had a pocketbook copy sitting over the Franklin; returned the library’s copy. Now on page 109. I recall reading Uris’s Exodus decades ago…

Trying to get back to blogging… as you can see. Will blog on my recent interest in Symmetry, and not just the book by Du Sautoy. I’ll probably have to introduce a new Category: Esoterica ….. The interesting free application that deals with the mathematics of symmetry is GAP (Groups, Algorithims, & Programming). This is a good place to mention Carolyn’s Christmas gift which she let me pick out: The Math Book by Clifford Pickover. I’m enjoying the one page descriptions of the most important discoverys in Math…

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