From Away by David Carkeet

Librarian Jane asked me to let her know what I thought of this book when I checked it out. Said it had some good reviews but nobody told her what they thought…
I thought it was great!! But then I have raved about Confederacy of Dunces, and a few people I’ve lent it to, wouldn’t even finish it… From Away has some interesting humor, and a couple other themes that appealed to me: Set in Vermont, 40 miles from where I sit. And references to Model Railroading which I rarely see in novels. The really different murder plot was particularly well done…. Have to read some more Carkeet.
The 2nd book I borrowed from Schroon Lake library was also interesting for setting in the late 1940’s…: The Hotel Dick by Axel Brand (Pseudonymous!!) Entertaining, although I almost gave up after a chapter or two… glad I didn’t. I think the author might even have a point: some human foibles don’t change with the decades…

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