About Tom Murphy

1st 17 Years: Kenmore, NYc1944f.jpg

St. Pauls Grammar School

Kenmore Sr. H.S.
Next 4 Troy, NY RPI BSEE

1964->’92 Poughkeepsie, NY IBM Career

1994->99 Poughkeepsie Town Supervisorspeakingsmall.jpg

2000-> Schroon Lake Retreat

Sailing: My 25′ Catalina on the Hudson River in Poughkeddpsie and 14′ Javelin at Schroon Lake

Genealogy: on AppleII+ ,(->PC Land): Brother’s Keeper .. FTM ..then finally TMG (1085 people) with phpGedview for the Web
Latheing: Walker-Turner Wood; Levin Jewelry; ShopTask Chips, Flather cleaned and ready to tryout


One thought on “About Tom Murphy”

  1. I read a internet entry of yours which indicated that you had some knowledge of the Starbucksville dams effect on the water levels in Paradox lake. In this article you mentioned Joe Koch of e Shore drive in Adirondack. I live on the Schroon River about 300 yards above the dam and I’m concerned by the changes in the river since the new dam. I see new sand bars and new heavy weed growth, which appears to be new and increasing. We now have weeds on the surface of the center of river. Are there any studies that are taking place to determine if the flushing characteristics of the river system has been altered by the new dam. Can the new dam controls be used to reduce the silting that appears to be occurring? Do you have a contact with Joe Koch to discuss this concern?

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