Schroon Lake Winter Wonderland

Boy, the weather sure takes wide swings in the spring. Last weekend, Liz enjoyed a sunny swing with Tim’s children. This morning, up here in Schroon Lake it’s a winter wonderland... at least to me. Luke didn’t seem as sure.. And don’t miss laughing Liz coing it up..

I’ve been working on Muir genealogy lately, see New paragraph on the Genealogy Index. I got so interested in the Orkney Island of Sanday (from whence they came in the 1800s) , that I decided some UK travel was in order… See my schedule.


Ask and you shall receive!…….on the internet.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad. While I may have known then which grandchildren were taken in hand; I sure didn’t know it a year ago when I posted the picture in my gallery. Today I got my answer from my niece…Kathleen Dixon and with date too!

The picture entitled GrdPaWalks was taken in 1986 at Emery Park (a family reunion) and Grandpa is walking Jaimee Reed and Derek Dixon. I only remember it because Stephanie was just born (so it was after Aug 17, maybe Labor Day weekend?)

More Rambling than Life

Amber Nicole is doing fine. Sleeping for hours on end, Caroline says.

Heard from quite a few relatives lately…. very nice. I’ve got to get back up to Buffalo soon.

<font size=”2″ color=”#188400″ face=”Times New Roman” >Testing with green on green.. 🙂 </font> Trying to enlarge the font here; I think it’s hard to read. Not easy in Worpress.Com. Think I have to try a fresh post and figure out how to “turn off the Visual Rich Editor.. !!

Can you believe! September already.

Next few posts will be “Try this” kind of things… So I’ll temporarily change the Colors too… 😉

The Why of it…..

Well, I just wanted to make some photos easily available for a bunch of people. After helping me awhile upload some html to his server, my son Chris said what you really want is a blog. Soooooo, I try again. We'll see.

Let's try a recent picture of Tom,Liz,Jean,Jer,Ray,Bud,Rosethe Crew in Florida

I like the colors of my now..theme… but I thought I'd be able to replace the girl… and add some shamrocks.. stay tuned. Picture size remains a problem.

You can see a larger view of the above thumbnail by going to the OnTapToo link on the first page. This is a place I plan to place "current" pictures of general interest. You are welcome to download any image you see on the site; usually a right click will get choice of "Save Image As…" If you think I might have a larger, uncliped … etc. picture, just ask.

Tom eire