Ask and you shall receive!…….on the internet.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad. While I may have known then which grandchildren were taken in hand; I sure didn’t know it a year ago when I posted the picture in my gallery. Today I got my answer from my niece…Kathleen Dixon and with date too!

The picture entitled GrdPaWalks was taken in 1986 at Emery Park (a family reunion) and Grandpa is walking Jaimee Reed and Derek Dixon. I only remember it because Stephanie was just born (so it was after Aug 17, maybe Labor Day weekend?)


One Stop on the Journey

So,………… we’re cruising up the Northway just outside Albany. I’m reading the Times while Liz drives…. and talks of stopping in Saratoga. We’ve often stopped at Gallagher’s for lunch on the way to the Adirondacks. I finally figured out she was talking about playing the slots as respite.. “Oh, what will you do though..?” I’m deep in the business section (Circuits on Thursday!) as we start to pass Exit 13 out in the passing lane. Having waited for exact right moment, I threw out: “I don’t know why you don’t stop for an hour or so?”; we’re crossing the travel lane, heading for the exit! Wow, such quick reaction.. and no accident either.

We’ve stopped before, but I never realized the Casino was right next to the track. Trotters were exercising. So after Liz went inside, I pulled over to the south end of the track in the parking lot. What a great view of the action. And the clippity/clop of horse was terrific. Luke even listened for 30 seconds before going back to sleep. I tried to remember whether I’d EVER seen Trotters race; perhaps 30 years ago.

Anyway, it was a great noontime stop in the Journey. And my bride of 43 years came back with a $100 win!! You can’t beat that number 13 Exit!

More Rambling than Life

Amber Nicole is doing fine. Sleeping for hours on end, Caroline says.

Heard from quite a few relatives lately…. very nice. I’ve got to get back up to Buffalo soon.

<font size=”2″ color=”#188400″ face=”Times New Roman” >Testing with green on green.. 🙂 </font> Trying to enlarge the font here; I think it’s hard to read. Not easy in Worpress.Com. Think I have to try a fresh post and figure out how to “turn off the Visual Rich Editor.. !!

Can you believe! September already.

Next few posts will be “Try this” kind of things… So I’ll temporarily change the Colors too… 😉

Genealogy Blog addendum

This should be a comment to my previous entry… but I wanted to first see if Trackback works for me. Not yet it hasn’t. Maybe Lorelle has to approve the comment…. When I looked on her blog; she’s already gotten further. AND it demonstrates the difference between a designer (Lorelle) and a stylist ( yours truly). I can hardly believe you will be interested in A List Apart: Articles: The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes (and other notes on the distinction between style and design) , please let me know if you actually read the article. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Genealogy Blog

Lorelle’s blog has a few things in common with mine. We both use WordPress; and we’re both interested in Genealogy. She’s planning a new blog devoted to Genealogy and has written about it. Very interesting. Of her 10 plan points, I ignored all but 3 of the 10 (I use WordPress) 3/4 (I use Bluehost). 1/6/9/10 shouldn’t be a problem. 5 is important and something I talked about in MY first blog entry. I first wrestled with multiuser/DBaccess in the early ’70’s at IBM; it is no small problem. Which leaves 7/8. They probably explain why the Genealogy part of my blog has been relatively unsuccessful. Expecting (nonGeek) family members, more interested in the Genealogy-result than supplying data, to spontaneously contribute, IS ASKING TOO MUCH. Perhaps the key is to make it so friendly, they can’t resist. In addition to being computerShy, perhaps the typical family member has concern for supplying personal information to the Internet. So I’ll be real interested in how/if Lorelle addresses these aspects. Albeit, I have ASSumed that a generic blog such as mine, could be a Genealogy Blog.

This post to my log will be my first attempt at using Trackback. Hmm, no trackback control in WP except title in published example Guess I have to publish it first then apply Lorelles trackback info to that…??? . It was way down at the bottom; and you MUST apply link BEFORE you publish. Guess I should have looked for help first…  This is a great introduction to weblog terms for web-log readers. I use Lorelle’s RSS feed on MyYahoo to monitor her writing. (comic relief: the WordPress spell checker does not recognise the word blog !!)

How I Use my Genealogy Programs

I make all updates into the PC program TMG. Periodically (I'm going to shoot for 1/quarter), I export the contents to a Ged file which I can then load into phpGedView.


  • Users aren't bothered with update software
  • Users don't interfere with each others updates
  • Better control over content
  • I have the advantage of TMG reports, analysis, and guidance, etc.


  • User can't see his updates right away
  • Other user's view is always a little inaccurate

Of course, I'm always open to suggestions and requests.   If for any reason somebody needed a quicker update, I would accomodate.