I bought “new” lathes: Atlas 10×24 and Hjorth 4×15 last Wednesday.


WordOn Flather

This was made up so I could ask for help on a few questions about operating a Flather lathe. They are in the text next to the pictures… I tried to used the same names which Don England used.

1. How is the HW (Hand Wheel) Coupler used?

2. Knurled Knob 1 is used for ??

3. Knurled Knob 2 is for ??

4. How are the 3 positions of the Lead Screw Engager used?

5. The motor and transmission are obviously addons to the original belt driven Flather. Any body seen such a transmission?

6.  I’ll edit this with the serial number._____. What’s yours?

7.  If I can get some useful comments, I’ll make up a “Flather User Manual” for general availability. Care to help?

8.  Sure would be nice to locate  a Flather user manual. Did one EVER exist?

Flather OnWord

You may recall the beginning of this story about a lathe. I've now got Flather truly home in my garage and turned ON. Chris recently bought a 1947 GMC for which he needed more room in his garage… so Flather had to move on Chris securing Flather headstock in his truck This time we used 2 trucks to haul it the short 20 miles homeEngine hoist and parts to 77 Southgate:image004.jpg .

So I've cleaned it up a little and got it running. Here's a after/before picture of the saddle:AfterBefore. And yes, I've had a few chucks spinning. I'm not really sure how well the motor is… it sure looks old and tired. I think it may not be able to take much of cutting load; but it does turn the two or three transmissions involved. The 1st tranny is an addon, right next to the motor. I'd call all the headstock gears used for various spindle speeds the 2nd. The 3rd being the threading gearing. I understand most of the controls; but can't figure out how to reverse things… maybe it does not. I'll publish photos with know controls and see if someone on the net can help figure it out..