The Why of it…..

Well, I just wanted to make some photos easily available for a bunch of people. After helping me awhile upload some html to his server, my son Chris said what you really want is a blog. Soooooo, I try again. We'll see.

Let's try a recent picture of Tom,Liz,Jean,Jer,Ray,Bud,Rosethe Crew in Florida

I like the colors of my now..theme… but I thought I'd be able to replace the girl… and add some shamrocks.. stay tuned. Picture size remains a problem.

You can see a larger view of the above thumbnail by going to the OnTapToo link on the first page. This is a place I plan to place "current" pictures of general interest. You are welcome to download any image you see on the site; usually a right click will get choice of "Save Image As…" If you think I might have a larger, uncliped … etc. picture, just ask.

Tom eire